Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Top Ten Characters I Would Switch Places with for 24 Hours

So I missed last week's Top Ten Tuesday, but I really liked the topic so I thought I would just use it today.  Because that's how I roll.

Okay so the topic that I loved so much I felt compelled to break the rules is this:

Name ten characters with whom you would like to trade places for twenty-four hours.  This is a pretty easy one for me since I pretty much trade places with each of the characters with every book I read.  Some of those switches would be more fun than others, so without further ado:

  1. Anna from Anna and the French Kiss.  First of all, she gets to spend her senior year of high school living in Paris.  How amazing would that be?!  And, oh, St. Clair.  He sounds just lovely.  I think 24 hours in Anna's shoes would not be terrible.
  2. Azalea from Entwined.  So things aren't perfect for Azalea.  That's the whole reason for limiting the switch to 24 hours.  She has eleven sisters to care for, her mother has died and her father is distant.  The 24 hours I would take are right there at the end, but I won't say why in case you haven't read it yet which you really should do, by the way.
  3. Hermione from Harry Potter.  That is an easy one for a book worm.  Hermione is smart and bookish and level headed.  And in the end she falls in love and has a great best friend.  Plus, magic powers would be so much fun!
  4. Wanderer from The Host.  So, things are a little complicated, but she has wandered through seven worlds.  She has lived among the singing seaweeds and the ice bears.  She knows so much about the universe.  I would love just 24 hours of absorbing that knowledge.
  5. Lyra Silvertongue from The Golden Compass.  Lyra never sits still and at first has no idea what an insane turn her life is about to take, but she has great friends who are willing to give their lives to protect her.  Also, the golden compass, which only she can read, tells her the truth about anything she asks.  How amazing would it be to know exactly what to do, which direction to take, and whom to trust? 
  6. Charlotte from Midnight in Austenland.  Living in the world of Jane Austen sounds like a wonderful way to spend a holiday.  Charlotte is intelligent and wealthy (doesn't sound bad, does it?) and immerses herself in Austen.  I think just to be able to wear the clothing and use that language of that era would be delightful.
  7. Celia from The Night Circus.  She is beautiful, refined, and she can keep an entire magic circus running mostly with her own powers of illusion.  She builds amazing tents that mystify the circus patrons and she is a wonderful character.  Everyone loves Celia.
  8. Sarah from These is My Words.  I am still convinced that Sarah has a giant S printed on her underclothes and not for Sarah, for Superwoman!  Any woman who can kill a rattlesnake with a shotgun without harming the child that is only inches away and can fight off all the terrible men she encounters is a hero in my book!
  9. Elinore from Sense and Sensibility.  This is my favorite Austen novel and I love how smart and proper Elinore is, even if it does make things difficult for her at times.  She is conscious of the importance of propriety in her world and does everything she can put her family's needs above her own.  And of course falling in love with Edward and having her affections returned makes one sigh with a dreamy look on one's face.
  10. Bella from Twilight.  Wait!  Before you groan, I ask you to be honest.  Anyone who has actually read these books (not just seen the movies with the less than stellar acting) must admit to envying Bella a little.  According to the books, Edward is the perfect man except for that whole blood-sucking vampire thing.  He loves her more than anything else, he protects her and he sees in her what she cannot see in herself.  Plus, she gets to be best friends with Alice.  "Oh, Alice.  You want to buy me expensive designer clothes and put it all together for me?  Why, certainly!"

So there it is: ten characters with whom I could stand to trade places.  What about you?  Do you share any of my wishes on this list?  Who else would be on the list for you?  My favorite thing about reading is that just for a little while I can become the characters in a book.  I live their lives, I imagine what it would be like, and I wonder if I would have done anything differently.  Sometimes I even rewrite the novel in my head to go the way I wish it had gone (I'm looking at you These is My Words).  This is exactly why I love books.

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