Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins

After reading The Book Thief, I was in real need of something light and fluffy and this fit the bill perfectly.  Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins is a sweet book about a young girl forced by her parents to spend her senior year of high school at a boarding school in Paris, France.  I know- poor thing, right?  Of course as a grown woman with a husband and children and responsibilities, this sounds like a wonderful opportunity and I can't help but think how much I would have loved to spend a year of high school in Paris.  However, that's the 33-year-old me speaking.  The 17-year-old me would have freaked out.  Paris?  Alone?  Away from all my friends and everything familiar?  Well that is exactly what the title character in this book thought.  As the title also indicates, it turns out to not be quite as bad as she imagined. 

This book was fun.  It was easy.  It pulled me in and kept me turning the pages.  It also made me remember our wonderful, if too short, weekend in Paris last summer and it made me want to return.  It is a Young Adult novel in the purest sense.  Adults can enjoy it.  I've read many book blogs heralding it's loveliness, but it's really just fun.  I don't think it will sweep the nation like Twilight did and I can't add it to my list of books I think every teen must read, but I will add it to my "I really liked this book and it was tons of fun" list.   Pick it up, you'll like it.

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