Tuesday, January 3, 2017

What I Heard- Harry Potter

I love the Harry Potter books. I really do and I was thrilled to share them with my children. We made them a promise a while back that when the read all the Harry Potter books, we could all go to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter together. I started out reading the books to them, but then we switched over to listening to the audio versions. My voice is certainly no match for that of the great Jim Dale!

Over Christmas vacation, we finally finished and it was fantastic! My favorite part, a moment I will always treasure is when my two sweet children looked at each other and me in shock as they then shouted in unison, "Harry's a horcrux!" It was wonderful! And as we discussed all the tiny little things that JK Rowling had woven into the story from the very beginning, they were fascinated with all the things they didn't realize were important. When the truth about Snape was revealed, they were so surprised. I think they will want to reread just to understand all of the things that were working under the surface.

I love these books and the audio versions are my favorite audiobooks. It was our rule that we had to read or listen to the books before we were allowed to watch the movies and we love to talk about how much less sense the movies make without reading the books. The movies mean well, but they just leave out too much. I am so glad we did this together as a family. I cannot recommend these audio books highly enough.

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