Monday, April 4, 2011

Firefly Lane

This past summer, while we were in France, my book club carried on without me.  Can you imagine?  I was hoping to be able to keep up, but the one English bookshop in Cannes was sorely lacking.  One of the books that I missed was Firefly Lane by Kristin Hannah.  After reading Winter Garden, I couldn't wait to catch up with this one. 

The story is about two teenage girls who meet in 1974 and their lifelong friendship.  Together they survive high school, college, births and deaths, marriage and long distance moves.  My favorite line from the book:  One of the girls, speaking of her mother, says, "She thinks eighteen-year-old boys are dangerous.  She calls them penises with hands and feet.  Now tell me that isn't lame."  Actually, I thought it was rather brilliant, but how do you convince a sixteen-year-old girl of that?

Ah, Retrospect, how wise you are. 

I read this book very quickly- a couple of days at the beach was just what I needed.  It held my attention and I really enjoyed following along with their lives.  Friendship can be such a powerful thing.  And a friendship that has lasted your entire life?  That is truly special.

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