Thursday, February 27, 2014

The Dark Unwinding by Sharon Cameron

While I was working the book fair The Dark Unwinding was another book that caught my attention.  The cover hooked me and the description on the back drew me in the rest of the way.  In 1852, Katharine is a seventeen-year-old girl with no fortune of her own living with her Aunt Alice in London.  When Aunt Alice receives word that the family fortune is being wasted by the current controller of the estate, she sends Katharine to have him committed to an insane asylum.  When Katharine arrives, she finds that her uncle is actually quite brilliant and that he employs hundreds of people in factories bringing his inventions to life.  She knows she must do what she can to protect her uncle, but doing so will most certainly result in her aunt turning her out of her home.  

This book is historical fiction and mystery and even a little romance all rolled into one.  It was wonderful to read and I had a little trouble putting it away at night.  The characters are rich and though the plot was a bit predictable at times, it also had twists I didn't expect.  The sequel will has already been added to my list.

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